Scarlet Loring is a third generation folk practitioner, Ring Woman of Cylgh An Carow Gwynoath-sworn practitioner of Fayerie Traditionalism, and initiate of pre-modern sorcery.


She is an artist and storyteller, using digital collage to create graphic illustrations and devotional images inspired by folklore, fairytales, poisonous plants, and the spiritual ideas and metaphysics behind Fayerie Traditionalism.


Scarlet also creates ritual artwork, specialized tools, and altar decor, particularly keeping with the methods and aesthetics of Fayeriesm as taught by author Robin Artisson. Artwork created by hand is crafted  using techniques like hand screen printing, glass etching, wood burning, painting, HTV, and other forms of artistic expression.


She is also an established practitioner of the Poison Path with over a decade of experience growing and crafting flying oils and other trance induction mediums. Her herbal offerings also include less baneful brews, such as offertory kyphi, candles, mawkins, and enchanted natural skincare.


Ghostly Roads

An Introduction to the Sorcerous Arte of 'Breaching' in the Manner of Fayerie Traditionalism

Essay, 2021

The Red Shoes

A Folk-Horror Fayerie Tale

Novella, 2022


Jul Fest 2020

Hosted by Needfire Wellness

Making Incense for Winter Magic
17 December 2020

Botanica Obscura Conference 2022

Hosted by The Poisoner's Apothecary
Once Upon A Poison! Ancient Cults, Psychoactive Potions, and Fractured Fayerietales: An Examination of the Role of Henbane in Ancient European Religion & Culture

20 March 2023


Shades of the Dead:

A Workshop with Author David Salisbury

with Maiden, Mother, Crone Metaphyscal LLC

The Poe Museum - Richmond, VA

25 October, 2019


The Hallows Market

with Maiden, Mother, Crone Metaphyscal LLC

The Hoffheumer Building - Richmond, VA

27 October, 2019


The Olde May Fayre

as The Poison Thicket
Virtual Beltane Festival on Facebook

9-18 May 2020

Photographing Fairies:

With Commentary by Robin Artisson

as The Poison Thicket

Virtual Watch Party and Lecture on Kast App

19 June 2021